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A White Coat

A White Coat

Myself Thoidingjam Bidyarani Chanu, from a beautiful and artistic city called Manipur, which is located in the north-eastern part of India. Since childhood, i wanted to serve human and humanity. As i grew up, i realized that, “You can serve the humanity by charity and philanthropy”. So I decided to do more with my dedication to my work.

Once, my grandfather had a heart attack. We had to rush him to the hospital. My family was scared, worried and tensed while he was under treated. That was the day when i decided that i will become a doctor and will do all possible things to relieve people from this fright of losing their loved ones. So i had to be worthy and capable enough to do so. That incident led me to make a concrete decision of choosing medical field and i went to China to complete my graduation in Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery.

As of today, when i step my foot on the land of Guangzhou, it gives me the dream of happiness and laughter. So, I would like to call Guangzhou as my second home. I have completed my MBBS degree from Guangzhou Medical University, Guangzhou, China, securing a percentage of 84 in July 2016 and then i returned to my country, India. I joined coaching and prepared for the license examination namely Medical Council of India License Examination. Meanwhile, I have cleared IELTS scoring 7.5 band in Jan.2017

My time in China was life changing. Being a girl from India, going to China was a mammoth task but it was my family's trust in me which encouraged me to go ahead. My whole life always extends my limits a bit further. Being youngest of all my siblings, I'm the heartbeat of my family, especially to my father. He raised me up like a son and he has always supported me and my wishes.

During my undergraduate course, it successfully introduced me to various faculties of medicinal field, where I saw and learned more things which i couldn't get in India as a medical student. During 5 years course of my academic session, I stood 1st twice, 2nd once and got scholarship twice (one from the University and another from Guangdong Province International Scholarship) with 1 year internship. My coursework also helped me to enhance my understanding in subjects like Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Biochemistry and i got most interested in Surgery. I assisted my teachers and professor in two research namely, “The role of miR-21 regulated by TGF-beta1 on pathogenesis of breast cancer" and "Effect of rapid eye movement sleep deprivation on anxiety behavior", and published some papers respectively.

During my internship from “1st affiliated” hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, i got a lot of practical and clinical experience. It enhanced my practical skills to a new level. I came to know the life of a doctor and some skills such as diagnosing, scheduling and the character one need to mould to become a successful doctor. What i had achieved during my study days, i applied it in my internship. I was fascinated with human heart during my time in surgical department. Every heartbeat counts the urgency, the presence of mind, the calmness one need to have in dire times and much more got me into it and I ended up with an ambition to become a renowned Cardio Surgeon in the world as cardiac diseases and illness are the most common in today's World including Diabetes, Arthritis, etc.

Given my career aspirations, pursuing Master of Surgery from the University of Sydney, would be the ideal stepping stone. The rich curriculum will deepen my knowledge and practical techniques with fully equipped advance technological machinery will fortify me with the necessary tools to make my mark in my field. The university life has allowed me to grow beyond academics. I intend to participate in community events, so as to exchange rich insights with the international community.

“I strongly believe that if your dream and hopes are strong enough with concrete thoughts, then you can beat this world”.

Name: Thoidingjam Bidyarani Chanu

Nationality: Indian

Pursuing Master Degree at University of Sydney