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In “Pursuit of Happiness”

In “Pursuit of Happiness”

As a previous graduate of Guangzhou medical university I thought there is no new aspect to explore but I was proven wrong. When I landed in Guangzhou after 1 year of my departure the humid air breathing on my face made me realize yet again I am very far away from my home but this time already an experienced foreigner I acclimatize myself to college life without giving any space to be home sick. When we moved to Dongfeng campus all the nostalgic feeling rushed into my brain, this was the place where I spent 6 years of my life and here I am again, a void which I did not know was there, was filled.

The real test for me began when I graduated from this university, the license exam was one of the hurdle and fortunately I passed the exam in single attempt. The second hurdle was to get a job, the rich theoretical exposure helped me modify my knowledge into skills. A week after my license exam I landed my 1st job in a big government run children hospital where I gained most of my valuable experience. The colleagues were very supportive and more over I got many chances to use my clinical theory in my practice. My interest in Pediatrics was also influenced by my work in this hospital.

My one year stay in Nepal made me realize that unknown to me Guangzhou has been a second home and an indispensable part of me. I missed my class mate and the moment spent with them. I also missed this place, long summer, wet winter and beautiful spring. Overall a place where I have and will be spending nearly a decade of my life and gain most of my life experiences will hold a dear place in my heart. It is like coming in terms with your sadness and happiness as well.

Although I can get many opportunities to further my studies in my home country if I was ready to wait for 2-5 years but instead I chose to come back to China and start my Master’s degree, one of the main reason is also the quality of education and we graduate faster in comparison to other countries, so it did not come to me as a surprise to see my seniors were either my age or most of them younger than me. I started my Master’s degree program nearly half year ago, I am already familiar with clinical work and discipline in hospital. I find my teachers quite friendly and invasive in good sense. Such an example was during Spring festival, this year I was celebrating alone but my teacher did not want me to stay alone during festivities so she invited me to her home so I can spend my New year holidays with her and her family, she made me very comfortable as well as I got a golden opportunity to observe the coziness of a Chinese household.

Well in our life there will be many instances when we will be in and out of places but after these after many years after being away from home for a long time I have understood that memories are the one which is to be made and cherished. The experience remains with us, these are the things that become rich with time and expands with expenses. I still love Guangzhou and all the associated people who are responsible to give me this kind of insight of life.

Name: Bijaya Laxmi Shrestha

Nationality: Nepalese