Admissions in progress for MBBS at Guangzhou Medical University , Kunming Medical University and Sichuan University for the session of 2022
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Me, MBBS study and the Guangzhou Medical University

Me, MBBS study and the Guangzhou Medical University

Being new in a foreign land, I, an unsophisticated and inexperienced young student with an age of 17, was clueless and wondering what would be my life as a student in china. A new language, a new culture, a new place, new peoples, everything new. I felt difficult as there weren’t any international seniors in my university. Finally, university provided us a Chinese friend to each of us so that we can be familiar with the Chinese tradition, language and the society easily. Then I felt a bit easier day by day and learned a hard lesson and valuable experience in my life- ‘’to be independent without family members”.

Studying MBBS at GMU was literally the best time in my life- some may say studying medicine is stressful, which I don’t deny, but when there is interest in the context we study, learning becomes a joy, and I have been blessed with the great batch mates whom I can rely on in difficult times. I have had high hopes for learning Clinical medicine along with Traditional Chinese Medicine at GMU, but my experience have been beyond my expectations.

Knowing with the fact that medical studies is one of the most difficult subject and my career path but these have not dampen my spirit and aspiration to become a doctor one day. What I have felt during my time in MBBS, is that conventional medicine diagnoses and treat diseases extremely well – especially when they fit the ‘classical picture’ or the text book presentation. I have decided to study Clinical medicine, so that I could find out if there is any variety of the way in which I could serve the patient.

There are plenty of extracurricular activities that I did at GMU. We formed a group and performed different Nepalese cultural dances at several events of GMU. I joined several conferences and many more things that allowed me to learn things that I couldn’t learns from reading or attending lectures. During my stay in china, I had learnt not only the professional skills but also the Chinese language, food, culture and customs.

I have been in GMU for 6 years. I am grateful to GMU for giving me the opportunities for my personal growth. I believe that I am a completely different person from a 7 years now. Currently I am working as a Medical officer in Civil Service Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal and again planning for MD further studies in China, GMU.

It doesn’t matter what we learn, if we become professionals of learning, I think that we can enjoy every second of it. And I personally think that life is all about learning and experience, and it’s going on and on…

Name: Parajuli Saraswati

Nationality: Nepalese

Working in Civil Service Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal