Admissions in progress for MBBS at Guangzhou Medical University , Kunming Medical University and Sichuan University for the session of 2022
Name list of medical universities recognized by MOE China, for MBBS in English in the session of 2021 - 2022



It's the year where you rush to the library because that very strict and impressive professor mentioned an author's name and you rush to read that book. You are all new and shiny and you want to know everything about everything so you start to read about stuff like General anatomy and general physiology from the heaviest books on the subject.12- 18 long hours of study, permanent absence in the times when friends of other stream are having fun, it is true and medical students’ compromise fun and sleep with studies. There is whole lot of first times in the medical student life. The first entrance on the anatomy lab of the first dissection class, the adrenaline rush, the bulging of query eyes, the chill runs down the spine flanking with the goose bumps. And the first time a naked dead man is seen all readied to be scrutinized to study the viscera, tears stream down worse than chopping a bucket of onions; the formalin, it stuck up in the sinus making it difficult to breath and see. MBBS students, they burn their midnight oil and study like crazy. There’s always a risk of forgetting own name, for trying to remember those of pharmacological drugs so hard. Being a medical student, it teaches that hard work never hurt anybody. It is but the knowledge that is power. The pursuit of really achieving something, going beyond what can be seen, the hand eye coordination, to a medical student, there is so much to life, so much to learn, so much to give, so much to realize, so much to understand. And after 6 years, somehow we are the ones who will be keeping you safe for honking during the traffic jam for tomorrow. It may be a slow start with hardships, but these are the person who will always have the satisfaction of saving a life, making world a healthy and better place to live.

My choice was China for MBBS because China is one of the early civilizations with a rich history and culture, and also because it is fast growing to becoming an economic powerhouse in the world. China is a land of opportunity and I thought it would give me the chance to learn more about the country, language and at the same time study clinical medicine.

My medical education time in GMU was an unforgettable experience, every day was a new adventure, I made life-long friends and lasting memories. What I enjoyed most about my studies in GMU , is that whatever Mandarin I learned in class, I would use outside as well to communicate with people, whether it be taxi drivers or shop keepers. Having the opportunity to speak Mandarin everyday really fostered my learning.

I believe that the key to a successful educational career is the attitude YOU CARRY. Coming to GMU, I had a very positive attitude; I was open-minded and flexible. Certainly, the things would be different, but I learnt to embrace these differences. There would always be problems or conflict, but I saw these as opportunities for learning. My time in GMU made me more self-aware and made me assess my career goals. I am also now able to connect with Chinese students on a deeper level.

During my study in China, I have come across so much diverse culture, different people and the hospitality of Chinese local people towards the foreigners. At first, I was nervous to embark on this journey, as whatever I had learnt about it was just a research online, however now when I am really living this life, I am proud of my parents, my elders and myself for taking such bold and confident step and not living my whole life within a comfort zone.

Well, I am sure learning a new language, along with your medical studies, is not what the local students in India will experience. Above all Chinese language is becoming so strong in the world, these days, that after I become a doctor, I can even practice in countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, where this language is practiced by the locals. This would certainly have an additional experience in my resume as an International Doctor.

Now I am working as junior Resident in Lok Nayak Hospital I feel very proud to my GMU for providing such a Medical knowledge which I can practice in my own country with confidently..All credit goes to my lovely University Guangzhou Medical University!

Name: Yumkhaibam Shahani Khan

Nationality: Indian

Working in Lok Nayak Hospital, Delhi, India