Admissions in progress for MBBS at Guangzhou Medical University , Kunming Medical University and Sichuan University for the session of 2022
Name list of medical universities recognized by MOE China, for MBBS in English in the session of 2021 - 2022

The Good Experience in GMU

The Good Experience in GMU

GMU known as Guangzhou Medical University and 广州医科大学 is a home that a student should never regret choosing. I say ‘ HOME’ because, in such place, you find most of the time parents, brothers and sisters, generally a family. There are people or friends that you can count on here. And that family, will raise you, advice you, take care of you and encourage you.


Study in GMU is like having a good experience.

Experience on study.


Because the administration and teaching staffs provide us with every necessary thing to study, understand and succeed in school.

Experience on life.


In GMU, community life’s style is encouraged. Students are most of the time together, allowing them to be filled with love, to fill the loneliness in which they are sometimes trapped. And also we have chances to interact with people from different nations and culture and learn how to understand and accept every one.

Name: Peggy Rolande Ngassam Mbianji

Nationality: Republic of Cameroon