Admissions in progress for MBBS at Guangzhou Medical University , Kunming Medical University and Sichuan University for the session of 2022
Name list of medical universities recognized by MOE China, for MBBS in English in the session of 2021 - 2022

How to select a good medical institution in China?

The options are endless for qualified doctors. But choosing a right medical school, among numerous mushrooming medical institutions in any home country or abroad is a tedious task, for students and their parents.

In China there are about 150 medical universities, colleges and institutions , in different locations, with different reputations and teaching standard of which only 45 medical schools are authorized by Ministry of Education, China, to enroll international MBBS students in English medium for the session of 2021. Weather condition is also one of the factors to decide a medical school.

Majority of medical institutions represented by us are world ranked , world renowned and among top 10 in China. All the medical institutions represented by us are located in provincial capitals- Guangzhou (Capital of Guangdong Province), Chengdu (Capital of Sichuan Province) and Kunming (Capital of Yunnan Province), Wuhan (Capital of Hubei Province) and Shenyang (Capital of Liaoning Province)

Sichuan University is a world ranked University and its medical school is among top 5 in China. West China School of Medicine, established in 1910, of Sichuan University was established by 5 Christian Missionaries from the USA, the UK and Canada.Getting a MBBS degree from Sichuan University is a matter of a great pride and prestige for any international student.

The First hospital of West China School of Medicine boasts of the single largest hospital in the world with more than 5000 beds. West China School of Medicine, Sichuan University has “ Evidence Based Medical Center” which is the only one in Asia and among 13 in the world.

Guangzhou Medical University is located at the heart of Guangzhou city. Guangzhou is one of the 3 main cities in China.

Guangzhou is known as commercial city of China.The 2010 Asian games were held in Guangzhou city. Guangzhou has a pleasent weather, neither too hot nor too cold. Guangzhou has an International airport with direct and connecting flights from the main cities in the world. Baiyun International airport is the second busiest airport in China. One can also take a flight to Hongkong from his country and then travel by a train or a bus to Guangzhou. It is less than 2 hours journey from Hongkong to Guangzhou, travelling by a bus or a train. Guangzhou Medical University, with a history of 62 years, is a full fledged medical University in which only medical subjects are taught up to post Doctoral level. For the sake of quality teaching, GMU enrolls only 60 International MBBS Students in a batch. Each MBBS student gets individual care and attention at GMU. It has highly qualified faculties, educated abroad.The tuition fee of GMU is very affordable.

Kunming Medical University is located in Kunming, capital of Yunnan Province. Kunming has one of the best weathers in China and is known as “Spring City of China". Kunming Medical University, established in 1933, is one of the earliest medical institutions in China. It has 10 huge hospitals, of which 7 of them are accredited as being Level A Tertiary General Hospitals of China, for clinical practice and internship. Kunming Medical University is fully committed for imparting quality medical education to international students. Each student receives individual attention in KMU.

As the seventh largest airport in China by passenger numbers (50th in the world) and fourth largest by physical size, Kunming is the capital of Yunnan province, a hub for tourism and a key gateway for South and Southeast Asia.