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Tourism Management

Tourism Management

Goal of Program

The program of tourism culture and Management educates and prepares students to succeed in the tourism culture and management of China by providing them with essential theories, knowledge and professionals skills, which will enable students to adopt to the current and future professions in tourism against the milieu of economic globalization and cross-cultural communications. The students will also be taught about the tourism culture and natural geography of China, tourism marketing and management mechanisms. The graduates, with a special bilingual and cultural background, will be able to begin a career in the fields of tourism in and out of China, such as higher education, tourism, tourism research, tourism business and exchanges of tourism culture.

Objectives of Program

The graduates of the program will be able to :

  • Communicate multi-lingually and bi-culturally.
  • Master theories, knowledge and professional skills which are related to tourism
  • Command basic knowledge of Chinese history and culture, as well as the status of China.
  • Conduct researches on tourism independently.
  • Have a global horizon and a forward-looking perspective.

Major Field

Tourism culture and Management

Major Field

  • Historical & tourism culture
  • Tourism geography
  • Tourism geography of China
  • Tourism laws and regulations
  • Tourism in southeast China
  • Comparative studies of tourist aesthetic of china and the west
  • Tourism marketing

Course Duration

4 years