Admissions in progress for MBBS at Guangzhou Medical University , Kunming Medical University and Sichuan University for the session of 2023
Name list of medical universities recognized by MOE China, for MBBS in English in the session of 2023 - 2024

Guangzhou Medical University

About Guangzhou Medical University (GMU)

Guangzhou Medical University (GMU), formerly known as Guangzhou Medical University, founded in 1958,is a medical institution which offers a full range of programmes at undergraduate and graduate levels.GMU has two main campuses.The Dongfeng Xi Campus is located in the downtown centre of Guangzhou City,near Liuhua Lake Park and Yuexiu Mountain.The Panyu Campus, is a new 247 acre campus, situated in Panyu District of Guangzhou City near Pearl River, an ideal place for learning and research.

GMU boats 16 schools:

  • School of Basic Medicine
  • School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • School of Health Management
  • School of Public Health
  • School of Nursing
  • Graduate School
  • School of International Education
  • School of Dentistr,
  • Kingmed College of Laboratory Medicine
  • The School of General Practice and Continuing Education
  • Health Vocational and Technical College
  • The first Clinical School
  • Nanshan School
  • The Second Clinical School
  • The Third Clinical School
  • The Fourth Clinical School

GMU offers 19 full-time undergraduate programmes:

  • Clinical Medicine,
  • Medical Laboratory,
  • Medical Imaging,
  • Nursing,
  • Anesthesiology,
  • Dentistry,
  • Clinical Medicine of integrated TCM and Westwrn Medicine
  • Preventive Medicine,
  • Pharmacy,
  • Rehabilitation Sciences ,
  • Health Administration,
  • Biomedical Engineering ,
  • Applied Psychology ,
  • Biotechnology,
  • Law etc

In addition to excellent academic programs and a faculty comprised of experts in every field of medicine, GMU boasts 20 research institutes(centres)

  • Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Diseases
  • The Sino-Fresnch Hoffmann Institute
  • Guangzhou Institute of Snake Venom
  • Institute of Neuroscience 
  • Institute of Chemical Carcinogenesis
  • Cancer Research Institute
  • Institute of the Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Institute of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine
  • Guangzhou Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Guangzhou Institute of Cardiovascular Disease 
  • Guangzhou Institute of Orthopedics
  • Urology Institute and Institute of Higher Education

In particular,The Sino-French Hoffmann Institute is a joint project with the 2011 Nobel Laureate Jules Hoffmann.The state Key Laboratory of Respiratory Diseases of GMU is the only state key respiratory lab in China.

The clinical medicine discipline of GMU is ranked top 1% in thr world for ESI rankings(Essential Science Indicators).GMU boasts 1 state key discipline and 9 state key clinical specialties and considerable provincial disciplines and specialties.Among them, respiratory medicine ranks first place and ranks first place and ranks 5tg for thoracic surgery in China.

The academic periodicals edited and published by Guangzhou Medical University are as follows:

  • Chest (in Chinese) and Guangdong Medicines
  • Medical Ethics of China is co-sponsored by GMU.
  • Journal of Guangzhou Medical University
  • Journal of Modern Medical Bioengineering
  • Journal of Thrombosis and Hemostasis
  • The Chinese Journal of Arthroplas

Affiliated Hospital

The First Affiliated Hospital, is a comprehensive tertiary hospital with 1,546 patient- beds, and is renowned for excellence in treating respiratory diseases with a state key lab. The Hospital boasts one national clinical research center and six state key clinical specialties: allergic reaction, oncology, respiratory medicine, thoracic surgery, urology, intensive care.

The First Affiliated Hospital

The Second Affiliated Hospital, is a comprehensive tertiary hospital with 1,198 patient-beds, specializing in neuropathy, cardiovascular diseases etc. The Hospital boasts two state key clinical specialties: pain management, allergic reaction.

The Second Affiliated Hospital

The Third Affiliated Hospital, is a comprehensive tertiary hospital with 956 patients beds, specializing in obstetrics and gynecology. The Hospital boasts one state key clinical specialty: obstetrics.

The Third Affiliated Hospital

The Fourth Affiliated Hospital, is a tertiary hospital newly established to serve 2010 Asian Games, located in the elegant, charming Asian Games Town . With 340 patient- beds, it opened to the public in December , 2011.

The Fourth Affiliated Hospital

The Fifth Affiliated Hospital, is a secondary hospital with 404 patient- beds, specializing in minimally invasive surgery and rehabilitation medicine.

The Fifth Affiliated Hospital

Affiliated Cancer Hospital, a tertiary hospital with 676 patient- beds, specializing in oncology.

Affiliated Cancer Hospital

LIWAN Hospital, is a secondary comprehensive hospital with 376 patient- beds, focusing on community health services.

Affiliated Cancer Hospital

Stomatology Hospital is a specialty hospital with 260 dental chairs, specializing in dentofacial surgery, orthodontic surgery, restorative dentistry and oral care.

Stomatology Hospital


The Ministry of Education, China announced strict measures known as "Interim Provisions for Quality Control Standards on Undergraduate Medical Education in English for International Student in China" in the year 2007 and since then it has been publishing the name list of medical schools which have been qualified to recruit international MBBS students in English medium. GMU strictly follows the regulations of MOE, China, in regard to policies to recruit international MBBS students, in order to impart quality medical education like course duration, internship, course curriculum, teachers qualification, admission criteria,etc.

Medium of teaching:

As a qualified medical university, to recruit international MBBS students, GMU is committed to impart quality medical education in English medium with its highly qualified faculties which have been educated abroad as well as the foreign experts.

Course duration:

As per criteria led down by MOE, China, Course duration for MBBS in English medium is 6 years which includes one year internship in the affiliated hospitals of GMU.

Courses Fee and other charges (2021)

Tuition fee

RMB 30000/Year

Hostel Fee RMB 6000/Year

Approx.RMB 6000/Year

Medical Insurance RMB 600/Year
Duration 6 years (including 1 year Internship)
Intake September

Eligibility for admission:

The minimum qualification is Senior High School or 10+2 or A level.The minimum percentage required is 70% in Physics, Chemistry,Biology and English.The requirement, however, may vary according to the standard of high school education in different countries.

Documents required:

1.Senior High School transcript and certificate

2.Passport copy

3.GMU application form filled(completely and correctly) by the applicant

4.Guarantee letter signed by the parents

5.Self Introduction Video

. Applicants must fulfill the percentage of marks required for medical study by the medical council or government in their respective countries.